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{MrChu_21stCenturyArtistsInc} Mr. Chu
Thank you for inquiring about our CD to MP3 conversion!
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{21stCenturyArtists Rules--} 1 FREE, CD to MP3, conversion.
Our off-site authorized facility listed below will convert your audio CD into a downloadable MP3 format. The CD you send must be your own material or you must own its copyrights. If you are registered on 21stCenturyArtists.com, we will make your music available on your FREE web page. Not registered? click HERE it's FREE! Our PLATINUM SERVICE is a QUICK and free way to get your music on the WEB! Make your music available for download and purchase now. Millions are downloading MP3s on the WWW and discovering new talent such as yours. Don't miss out. Get into the scene!

{21stCenturyArtists Rules--} 21st Century Artists, Inc.
Attn: MP3CD Conversion Department
P.O. Box 3864 ~ Manhattan Beach, California ~ 90266-1864, USA

Please note we can only accept your original music in CD format & no CDs are returned.
You must own the music you upload or send in to us and you hereby give us permission to copy said material.

{21stCenturyArtists Rules--} SEND A PHOTO, BIO, RESUME WITH YOUR CD
Please fill out the MP3CD Titles form HERE. (Please fill this form out even if your cd has titles clearly printed on its liner sleeve. Set your MP3CD price here). Mail your CD soon!

Once your CD is received we are happy to UPLOAD your MP3 music onto our site. Remember you must be registered on our artists DATABASE. Not registered? click HERE it's FREE!
Get started!

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Please fill out the MP3CD Titles form HERE. (Please fill this form out even if your cd has titles clearly printed on its liner sleeve - the form is required with order)

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