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21st Century Artists' Newsletter for December 2001

Hello, bonjour, hola, hallo, ciao, oi:

Thank you for supporting during this and the many years before.
Still one of "The Best Sites On The Web," unsigned artists...AltaVista, and one of "Most Popular Sites..." on MSN, Lycos, NBCI and AOL.

Best wishes - 2002!

We have a number of new artists we would like to bring to your attention. Stop in and check out their tunes. We are sure you have been pleasantly surprised to find the most professional musicians from around the world right here on our site. You've downloaded our featured free MP3s and we know you have heard the best of the best. Now support our talent, click over to and purchase their music!

Last year we intiated a "Backstage Pass" area at 21stCenturyArtists Backstage. This exclusive feature on our site allows you to download an unlimited amount of MP3 music simply by entering your username and password once. It is currently FREE! Yet we plan to initiate a small fee in the future for our "PREMIUM" backstage access (more info to come). If you haven't already signed up for this FREE service, hurry, you may do so HERE!. Many of you have already signed up - cool!

Download and/or order the MP3CD - "911" Hollywood to New York tribute album, "The Twin Towers - A Hollywood To New York 911 Dedication"- a must have for INDY music collectors. This MP3CD is a stunning tribute, compilation album - a collection of tunes dedicated to the fallen victims and heroes of NEW YORK CITY, 9-11-2001. Order it here

__________________ Our top 10 downloads for the current month..... TOP 10 - Artist Of The Year 2001 - MudVein
Can't talk enough about this band. MudVein is tearing up the Punk Metal Rock scene and kicking some major ass. You can check them out at the URL below. Enough said. Download their free tunes and see for yourself. Remember MudVein is available via CD. Login below to purchase via PayPal, credit card, cash, check, or money order. MudVein Use PayPal to purchase MudVein .... it's EAZY!!! ...Click PAYPAL
We are pleased to re-introduce Artist of the Year 2000 - Alyssa. This Manhattan Beach, California alternative r&b artist, is formerly from Harlem, New York. Alyssa has been impressing our visitors for months. Her music is still a "must" listen. Check her out at the url below and download her feartured tune "Gethcha Groove On".

For those of you who follow the garage rock scene, BORåS, SWEEDEN's "The Mescalitos" will certainly raise your appreciation for their unique form of rock. The Mescalitos definitely have a winner in "I Want To Be A Celebrity."

21st Century Artists' Hot New Release Compilation MP3CD - E-Soul And Then Some!contains the single "This Is For All The Brothers In The World,", which is a hit for Beverly Hills, California Hip Hop artist AKUA. Brothers and sisters and others alike will appreciate this grooving single availabe for download here.

Rock & Roll "Every Mother's Nightmare," is a damn HOT song by Feather Face a hardrock, ambient, electronic, techno group out of Roselle, Illinois. Give them a listen will ya? FEATER FACE

21st Century Artists - EDITORS' "COLLECTOR" RECOMMENDATION The Black Water

Remember you may support this web site and it's independent artists by purchasing the music from our catalog, licensing music from us for your projects, sending us a big fat check in the mail, or visiting and shopping with our sponsors. We recognize our talent as being artists who are creating superb works of music for the listening audience of the 21st Century. You can help us get the word out, by referring us to your friends, by mentioning us in your newsletters and on web sites, talking us up on your tours, in press briefings, etc..

Joy To The World....Peace. - Hollywood MUSIC Masters!
Still one of the "Best Sites On The Web"...AltaVista

Editor's choice / recommendation -

A 911 Hollywood to New York "Dedication" CD The Twin Towers Hollywood To NewYork - Available for order now - Price: USD 9.99 - includes DADDY YANKEE!

Burnt- (alternative/folk) - exquisite ballad, a must hear.

Barry Clarke - "Cowboy Angels" - Listen and you will see what we mean...

TRUE LOVERS OF CHRIST - christian/r&b - a soulful "Lord I Lift My Voice"

REO - Rap / Hip Hop - "¡Esto es REO,vieja!" - Smokin' tune!

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