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Need a local booking?
"Book A Gig" increases an artist's chance of landing local engagements worldwide. 21stCenturyArtists.com members are in demand everywhere! Local booking agents sign acts for their venues daily. As an artist using our system, you may let hiring agents contact you directly through "Book A Gig." Perform at booked events and potentially make some money!

Need a local group?
Bookers and agents search our artist database by name, region, location and music genre. Listen to the downloadable tunes of artists on our site and you will know exactly what you are booking before you sign our talent. Book the best groups available in your area with ease!

Bar Mitzvahs, Weddings, Clubs, Frat Parties, Stadium Venues?
"Book A Gig" helps your band book local clubs, bars, weddings, festivals, county fairs, frat parties, stadiums, etc. Producers, bookers, agents, and others, if you need superb talent, "Book A Gig" will help you easily secure the best musicians for your event.

Musicians - Market Your Band Effectively
Market your music to local bookers and agents who are seeking to contact those groups who reside within reasonable commute distances to their venues.

Bookers Search For Musicians For Your Gigs With Ease
"Book A Gig's" customized search software allows bookers to easily search our database of signed members, listen to their available music and contact the artist directly to book them for an engagement. Local venues benefit from the superb and professional talent found and booked through 21stCenturyArtists.com. Signup today!

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How "Book A Gig" Works For You
If you are a registered artist of our system, all booking offers will be emailed to your private email. You consider, reject or accept the offers that you receive. Bookers you may use our contact system to indicate an interest in booking an artist on our site. Our system will allow you to contact the group directly and negotiate with them and no one else. Artists, by using "Book A Gig" you maintain your privacy because you only provide further contact information to the booking agent only if you are interested in the gig offered. You are responsible for the negotiation of appearance fees and booking terms.

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