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Here's what U need to do and know to get started uploading!

{21stCenturyArtists Rules--} Your band MUST be registered on our artists database.

{21stCenturyArtists Rules--} Upload songs if you have them in MP3 (only) format.
You may also upload your MP3CD artwork/song titles/price etc. here at anytime.
If your band's name is "Jack The Ripper" enter your USERNAME like this: jacktheripper (no spaces) when prompted along with your PASSWORD.
If you have been given a temporary USERNAME and PASSWORD, enter them when prompted here

Don't have music in MP3 format yet, no problem do it later. Don't want to do your own MP3. We do you....your MP3s conversions that is.

{21stCenturyArtists Rules--} Set your MP3CD price baby! Example US$5.99 - $25.99. Go here!

{21stCenturyArtists Rules--} We pay clients quarterly if your sales total are greater than US$25. If not we wait until your sales total US$25 or more. At anytime, if you leave our site and have generated at least $1 in sales but less than $25.00, you may apply your earned amount as credit toward a purchase on our site ONLY. No other credits given. No refunds are given for "PLATINUM" registration packages.

{21stCenturyArtists Rules--} Order a copy of your CD for publication verification. This is required to assure you and your customers are receiving superior products!

{21stCenturyArtists Rules--} Provide one song to give away for free. We reserve the right to make any/and or all of your music available as part of our promotional MP3 download/subscriber program.

Note: Your MP3 uploads must be your original copyrighted material.

{21stCenturyArtists Rules--} By signing up on our FREE site, this in NO way means you sign away your copyrights of your music and graphics/logos, etc. We are here to help new musicians not steal from them :)! YOU ALWAYS OWN YOUR MUSIC WHEN YOU SIGN UP ON OUR FREE SITE. To offset our cost of promotion and to continue to provide free web services to musicians, each artist that signs up on our site agrees to giveaway at least one mp3 track to our listeners for download and allow us to feature any or all of your music via our radio stations and other medium which may include special giveaways/promos without further compensation to the artist.

Remember, for each purchased download you receive 50% of sales, i.e. CD sells for US$8.99 U keep US$4.50. You may flee us at any time! No problem. From time to time we may produce a compilation CD of selected artists we represent/ed on-line (this may include artists who are no longer signed as active in our database, but were once registered members under this or prior agreements). You, the artist, may be included in this complication and artist implicidly agrees to allow to sell and stream these and all MP3CDs/downloads/and mp3s uploaded on our site, etc. to defray the tremendous costs of offering our free service to the masses without further compensation to artist for said use. We pledge no exploitation of artists in any way. Artists understands,'s primary, but not sole, aim is to promote downloadable MP3 format music of unsigned talent. We can offer our visitors your music in an offline (traditional CD) format. However, we encourage you to look elsewhere for a more traditional press and distributor of CDs in large quantities. We are happy to recommend someone, send us an email By uploading your band's music and information into our artists database you implicidly agree to these terms and thereby electronically accept them.

questions or inquires
Please visit our fine print legal and terms of use area before uploading.
Thank you. And welcome to our worldwide family!
Not only do we sell and press your CDs, we also promote artists by featuring bios, and concert/gig listings.
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