The LEGAL Issues
Why works for you!
License Grant for Song - We Promise No Explotation of Artists.
You will upload or deliver one or more songs to us, which we make readily and widely available
on the world wide web.
You grant nonexclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to
(a) reproduce, distribute, publicly perform, publicly display and digitally perform reproductions
of compilations of materials which include your songs
(b) create and use samples of materials which include your songs, trademarks,
service marks, or trade names.
(c) use/sell/distribute your music, videos and other like materials as we deem appropriate without further consultation with you the artist.
(d) use your name and likeness by any individual represented by online only in connection with your material.
We press your MP3CDs from your ORIGINAL UPLOADED/DELIVERED MP3 or other songs.
Your new MP3CDs are always available on the World Wide Web via subscription or other controlled means.
Worldwide EXPOSURE and $ SALES potential are not guaranteed! However, the more market exposure for your product, the higher your earning potential!
Downloadable MP3 Full Tracks / Instant Plays / Giveaways
Non-exclusive arrangement. You leave when you want.

{short description of image} Provide one song to give away for free.
Note: Your MP3 uploads must be your original copyrighted material.

Remember, for each purchased download you receive 50% of sales, i.e. CD sells for US$8.99 U keep US$4.50. You may flee us at any time! No problem. From time to time we may produce a compilation CD of selected artists we represent/ed on-line (this may include artists who are no longer signed into our database, but were once registered members under this agreement). You, the artist, implicidly agree to allow to sell these CDs to defray the tremendous costs of offering our free service to the masses. We pledge no exploitation of artists in any way and offer 1 FREE download of the compilation MP3CD we produce. Artist understands,'s primary, but not sole, aim is to promote downloadable MP3 format music of unsigned talent. We do offer our visitors your music in an offline (traditional CD) format. However, we encourage you to look elsewhere for a more traditional press and distributor of CDs in large quantities. We are happy to recommend someone, send us an email By uploading your band's music and information into our artists database you implicidly agree to these terms and thereby electronically accept them.

questions or inquires
If you have read and understood our legal briefs proceed to our uploading area and promote your music.

Thank you. And welcome to our worldwide family!
Not only do we sell and press your CDs, we also promote artists by featuring bios, and concert/gig listings.
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